1. Angel's Crying

From the recording Devil's Poison EP

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In the dark, silent hurt
Bruised and broken
Feel the pain of a child’s life
That’s stolen
Monster man with no shame
Brutally breaking down
A little child

On the street, in the heat
A girl is playing
With her friends, in the park
Getting ice cream
Monster man takes a gun
Crossfire slaying
Innocent child

Tragedy, Hear the angels crying
Oh can’t you see, Children are dying whoa-oh

Lying scared, she looks up
And she’s hoping
It’s not real, she’ll wake up
From this nightmare
When it’s done he just walks away
And she’s broken
Stolen child

Walking home, with his books
A boy is taken
All he wanted was a good education
Violent gang took his life
Now mama’s broken
Shot in the head

Stop killing the children
Stop hurting the children

Can we stop it?
Stop their suffering
Little children
They’re dying

Can we stop it?
Stop their suffering
Little children
Can we fight it?

© 2010 A. Cornette, P. Cornette, G. Burkhammer,
C. Sibal. All rights reserved. /BMI