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  1. My Sweet Jesus

From the recording Devil's Poison EP

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I’m gonna serve You
My Sweet Jesus
I’m gonna follow You
To Your Kingdom
I need Your healing
My Lord & Savior
I need forgiving
My Sweet Jesus

I need Your wisdom
Oh King Jesus
It keeps me focused
On love and mercy
You are my Maker
Devine Creator
I need forgiving
My Sweet Jesus

A prayer for faith, a prayer for hope
A prayer for us to love
A promise to hear
The Word that Lord You want me to hear
A prayer for peace, a prayer for life
I pray for mercy and grace
A truth to believe
A change in attitude that I really need…..oh

© 2001 A. Cornette, P. Cornette, G. Burkhammer,
C. Sibal. All rights reserved. /BMI