From the recording LET IT GO EP

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IN HER HEAD (Song for Sarai – Genesis 18)
Written and Performed by HarvestBloom

Confusion is hanging alone in her head
The decision lingers with words left unsaid
Letting go of what was and what could have been
Bewildered, Distracted by the thoughts in her head - Oh

In her head oh did you hear what they said oh in her head

Resolution desires a purified heart
Dissension feeds her paradoxical thoughts
Misjudgement, infiltrates the air that she breathes
Betrayal, Distrustful in her heart and her head - oh

In her head oh you won’t believe what they said oh it tried to fill up her head

Bridge 1
Tried to keep resisting
She tried to keep on pushing away
Tried to keep denying
But pride and doubt just fell away

It’s time to open your eyes, not give in, to these lies
Realize, you’ve got to have Faith, drop your pride and choose Grace…YEAH

They tried to fill up her head Oh Her head
Oh, you won’t believe what they said Oh no
She’s got to
Stop cheating herself
Stop feeling helpless
Start living today
She needs to hear what God says

By P.A. Cornette, R.A. Cornette, G. Burkhammer, C. Sibal
© 2011 HarvestBloom Music. All Rights Reserved.