From the recording LET IT GO EP

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Written and Performed by HarvestBloom

Shattered , your day’s been shattered
By your indecision, make up your mind
Disorganization, fury and frustration
You feel short-tempered, Don’t lose control

Take your time, taking action
Then free your mind, slow reaction
Don’t be unkind, no retraction
Just Let it Go, Let it Go

Winded they feel so winded
By the explanation that you’re offering
Justification breeds exasperation
Abstain from rambling, get to the point

Hindered , You feel so hindered
By the rumors doubting your loyalty
Condemnation by association
Refrain from judgment and Let It Go

By C. Sibal, P.A. Cornette, R.A. Cornette, G. Burkhammer,
© 2011 HarvestBloom Music. All Rights Reserved.