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HarvestBloom on Hiatus but Music Still Touring Through TV and heard on 

While HarvestBloom has been on hiatus, we tragically lost our band mate, brother and bass player, Craig Sibal. He was in a terrible accident with a truck on his way home from work. We miss him and still can't believe he is gone. 

We signed a licensing deal with Jingle Punks in 2014 and we have been blessed by having our music placed on many television networks and tv shows here in the U.S. and syndicated abroad. It's not much hay but we are glad our music has been heard on the History Channel, HBO Max,  A & E, MTV, NBC, Nickelodeon...that just might be a little HarvestBloom music you are hearing in the background . Jingle Punks has placed HarvestBloom Music on 3 Episodes of AMERICAN RESTORATION: Blast Off (S3 EP 14), Train Trouble (S3 EP 23), Escorter SErvice (S3 E46) The History Channel, , TEEN MOM Baby Steps (S1 EP 7) and REAL WORLD ROAD RULES (S23 EP 8 and S 24 EP 1), Cribs Collection - Greatest Cribs Ever and Ultimate Party Pads (S1 EP 1) on MTV, LAST CALL WITH CARSON DALY (S11 EP 37) on NBC, 7 Episodes of RENO VS. RELOCATE (S1, EPs 1,8,10,11,13,25,26) on HGTV, Glamour Magazine's 25 Biggest Weddings Dos and Don'ts on the Style Channel, THE NICKELODEON KIDS CHOICE AWARDS (2013), INTERIOR THERAPY - House Divided (S1 EP3) on Bravo, AUSSIE PICKERS (S2 EP 8) in Australia, PRS Knife Fight: Whole Pig (S2 EP 1), WWE Presents DIAMOND DALLAS PAGE POSITIVELY LIVING, Sisterhood (S1, EP 3) and Love At First Swipe (S1 EP 7) on TLC and THIS IS LIFE WITH LISA LING (S6 EP1) on HBO MAX. and much more.  

You can still request our music on Christian or listen through our YouTube Channel.

Our music is also available for purchase on Amazon and Apple. 

Thanks for listening to HarvestBloom's music.